Space Memorabilia

We stock a wide range of space memorabillia such as shuttle flown artifacts that can be yours within days of ordering! Purchase your own part of space history and pass it down through generations, on top of all our space memorabilia we stock actual parts of space on our meteorites section.

Apollo 11 40th Anniversary Chronograph Watch
Limited to 4,000 world-wide! 20 July, 1969: A momentous day when a television audience of more th..
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Apollo Legacy Flown Moon Material Pin Set
A limited edition run of only 1972 Sets. This set contains 5 pins:     Prominen..
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Buran Space Shuttle 2.03 1'' Thermal Tile
Own your own piece of Russian space history with this wonderful piece of the Buran Space Shuttle 2.0..
Buzz Aldrin Signed Apollo 11 30th Anniv. G.I.Joe
This wonderful,mint condition 1999 Buzz Aldrin "GI Joe" action figure commemorates the 30t..
Complete Apollo Program Flown Medallion Set
SAVE £41.93 when buying the whole set (inc. stands)! Complete set of 8 Apollo Medals, all&n..
£129.99 £109.99
Limited Edition Columbia Space Shuttle Thermal Tile
Limited Edition, Numbered from 1 to 1981 Includes a Statement of Authenticity Card This is an ..
Space Shuttle 30th Anniversary Flown Pin
Contains Metals flown in Space aboard the Space Shuttles! The program started in the late 1960s..
Space Shuttle Booster Model 1/100 Scale
As seen in Top Gear magazine! This high quality 1/100 Space Shuttle replica is handcrafted from maho..
Space Shuttle Flown Artifacts From 5 Shuttles
This wonderful 12x8 presentation houses real space flown materials from the Space Shuttles Endeavour..