Meteorite & Space Jewellery

Meteorite & Space Jewellery

Here you will find a wonderful range of hand crafted meteorite jewellery including Space Necklaces, Space Pendants, Space Earrings & Space Bracelets for men and women. Some pieces have meteorites embedded that impacted Earth nearly 3000 years ago and had travelled millions of miles around our solar system before ending up here, and other space jewellery from the Moon and even Mars!

Why not buy and give your space fan friends or family some amazing space jewellery from this wide range so that they recieve something as unique as some of our meteorite jewelry for the holiday season.

We currently have a large stock of meteorite space pendants and meteorite space necklaces that you can purchase for your friends and family, if you have a astronomy enthusiast in your household, or know somebody that would appreciate a gift like the meteorite necklaces and space pendants that we offer here at The Space Collective then this is the place for you. The majority of our range of space jewellery is made out of solid sterling silver. If you have any questions or enquiries then don't hesitate to contact us.

If you're not sure what sort you should buy, here's our most popular selection of meteor pendants, meteor necklaces and meteor bracelets.

Sterling Silver Galaxy Swirl & Meteorite Space Pendant
PRE-ORDER: Due for shipment on 5th June This amazing Galaxy Swirl & Meteorite Space Pendant i..
Sterling Silver Meteorite & Star Space Bracelet
This wonderful sterling silver space bracelet carries with it sterling silver star charms and chunks..
Sterling Silver Meteorite Space Bracelet
This amazing, complete sterling silver space bracelet was crafted using genuine Campo del Cielo mete..
Sterling Silver Star Meteorite Space Pendant
This beautiful sterling silver star space pendant contains a piece of Campo del Cielo meteorite that..
Real Moon Dust Meteor Pendant - Vial
Lunar Meteorite NWA 4881. This is a wonderful and intriguing Lunar meteor space pendant is made..
Real Moon Dust Meteor Space Necklace - Tear
Lunar Meteorite NWA 4881. This amazing curiosity is a genuine Lunar meteorite space pendant and..
Sterling Silver Moldavite Astronaut Space Pendant
This amazing, museum grade piece of Moldavite sits within a masterfully crafted NASA astronaut space..
Sterling Silver Star Meteorite Space Earrings
This beautiful, sterling silver star space earring set contains a piece of Campo del Cielo meteorite..
£34.99 £29.99
Stone Meteorite Space Pendant - NWA 869
This wonderful, sterling silver space pendant contains within its cage a whole stone meteorite that ..