Do you work for an Educational Facility?

The Space Collective proudly supports Schools, Colleges, Universities, Museums, Churches, Scouting Groups and all other educational facilities for their specific program needs. We offer 20% discounts for such programs to help with your costs. We also offer larger bulk order discounts to help you with large events.

Do you need Flown Space Materials for educational purposes?

We understand that it is extremely difficult to get hold of flown space materials (i.e. Space Shuttle Heat Shield, Bay Liner, Hi-Temp Insulation, etc.) for studying, especially now that the Space Shuttle Program has come to an end. That is why we have reserved a limited supply of intact flown materials (unlike the cut up presentation pieces you see in our Flown Artifacts section) taken from the Space Shuttles after their flights, specifically for educational facilities.

These materials are very delicate and must be handled with care, and in most cases, they must be handled with gloves and other safety equipment in a suitable environment. The materials will come in their original NASA sachet along with the removal tags used by NASA's engineers, as well as documentation detailing the shuttle and mission the flown material was taken from.

The flown space materials are given on a rationed basis to ensure that each educational facility has a fair chance to procure some of these rare materials. If you would like to know what materials are available or you are looking for a specific material then please email us at: and provide details of your facility and how you intend to use the materials.

Please note: we will not sell these materials to individuals. You must work for an educational facility and use the piece(s) as educational tools only. These flown materials are not for sale to the general public as a result.