The Great Galactic Ghoul

As I sit here writing this, a team at the European Space Agency are still living with the faint hope that their lander has not become the latest victim of the “Curse of Mars” In over 50 years of attempts, no Russian launched space vehicle has ever made it for more than a few seconds […]

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The Power of Science

Space Exploration is time and again proving to be one of the key drivers in STEM and educational outreach. More so than pretty much any other branch of science, anything to do with space (or dinosaurs) will inspire young children through to old alike.   We just attended one of the largest science shows in […]

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A Rare and Wonderful Thing

Working in the space industry has its perks, of that there is no doubt. If you’re an engineer, working on something that will be launched, or possibly even land on another world must rank amongst the highest points in anyone’s career. The superb documentary series “Moon Machines” which can be found online, highlights the personal stories […]

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Hide and Seek, Space is Hard

The last few weeks have proven to be very interesting in space science. Firstly we had the catastrophic explosion on the launch pad of the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicle. Thankfully nobody was seriously injured, and the launch (as have been all in the USA for some time now) was unmanned, with just a satellite, […]

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Planet Nine… from Outer Space

Planet Nine… is it really there? Ever since the discovery of Pluto and then its subsequent demotion to dwarf planet status, astronomers have been on the hunt for yet more denizens of the outer solar system. The Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt, initially theory and then proven to exist, stretching out from beyond the orbit of Neptune, appears […]

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Mercury Rising: The New Frontier

Mercury, the nearest planet to the Sun, recently made the headlines again due to the success of the robotic Messenger mission. For this post however, I’d like to look at another great “Mercury” adventure. A great deal of debate still rages on in U.S politics at the moment. The candidates, of which there are two, are […]

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