New Year – New Goals

All of us probably were left a little numb after 2016. With so much upheaval in the world of politics, combined with a seemingly endless stream of celebrities passing away, including Ed Mitchell and John Glenn to name but two from the world of human exploration, Many of us simply could not wait for the […]

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The Arms of Orion

Anyone who grew up in the shadow of the Apollo era will doubtless be almost apoplectic with excitement of what is hopefully to come over the next dacade. Whilst the USA is in a major transition phase with respect to its leadership, the new incumbent appears to have a commitment to take the United States […]

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Watching the skies

Here at the Space Collective, we have a healthy respect for all aspects of human and robotic space missions. Over the past few months our blogs have focused on many elements of this, both current and historical, but what about the other areas of space? Astronomy and space science are intertwined with our missions and […]

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A Brave New World?

This week has seen one of the most monumental upheavals in political history, of that there is no doubt whatsoever. In the UK and the United States over the past few months, the political landscape has changed completely. But politics is not something we really want to discuss on this blog post, or is it? […]

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The Great Galactic Ghoul

As I sit here writing this, a team at the European Space Agency are still living with the faint hope that their lander has not become the latest victim of the “Curse of Mars” In over 50 years of attempts, no Russian launched space vehicle has ever made it for more than a few seconds […]

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