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Welcome to the Space Collective. The UK's Official NASA Shop & Space Store! Here you will find a wonderful range of Space Memorabilia brought together to celebrate the world's Space Exploration and Discovery heritage - a heritage that spans from glory to disaster, from the Apollo 1 tragedy to the many STS successes. At our Space Shop, you will find unique Space Gifts, NASA Gifts, NASA Memorabilia, Meteorite Jewellery, in fact, everything from genuine NASA Models, NASA Medals, NASA Jackets and Astronaut Food to NASA’s very own Fisher Space Pens, NASA Watches, Apollo Flown Artifacts and even Astronaut Autographs.

Christmas is but two months away, are you struggling on what to get for your friends and family? Perhaps something that can accumulate quite a bit of sentimental value over a few years, why not buy  meteorite jewellery! The jewellery itself is unique and hand crafted, ideal for family members and those enthusiastic about space.